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Twelve... Into your food you delve.

Eleven... You bite into heaven.

Ten... You abandon your men.

Nine... You feel just fine.

Eight... Wait, you can't see straight.

Seven... You should have never gone past eleven.

Six... The clock tick, tick, ticks...

Five... You try to survive.

Four... Your body hits the floor.

Three... You can't see.

Two... Your breaths are few.

One... And now we're done.
Just a little (poem?) rhyme I can up with a few days ago, although I was also going to integrate this into a story, originally. Either way, Happy Halloween everyone~! :iconpumpkinplz:

Original story idea:

An infamous pirate Captain and his crew take to the shore and they decide to spend some time in an inn, hoping to avoid attracting attention by being on the open water. Ordering food to be brought to his room while his men drink in the main, an inconspicuous "wench" brings the Captain his food- unfortunately for him, however, it has been lethally poisoned. The "wench" actually turns out to be one of his sworn enemies and another pirate Captain, dressed in the garb of a common, lowly working woman. They watch as he slowly finds it harder and harder to see and breathe, eventually falling to the floor where he at last dies just before the clock chimes on the hour.

I was thinking of even making this into a kind of dark Pirate!England/Spain/ect. x Reader story for Halloween but eventually decided against it.
Zyra01 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
Freaken awesome and I love the words you rhymed with the typed out numbers. :D
Ansuelo Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey I like this a lot :D
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