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March 10, 2013
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"Well, here goes nothing" you mumble, throwing your hand carelessly into the hat in Emily's hand. So long as you didn't get locked in there with someone that would be half-groping you half-stripping you the entire time you didn't really mind who you got. 'So long as it isn't maria or anyone else of the BTT...' you thought with a small smile, tilting your head down to look curiously at your hand when something got caught on your fingers. Pulling it out you found yourself holding a pair of maple leaf hair clips.

"Cool, _____ got-! Um... Who's were these again?" Emily came up beside you, studying the items with a puzzled expression. Sighing you rolled your eyes, leaving her to contemplate who they belonged to while you surveyed the room. Unlike your spacey American friend, you had instantly pieced together who the maple shaped objects belonged to; although it was hard to say you were surprised that she didn't figure it out. No one seemed to remember the quiet Canadian. Well, other than you.

"Hey Meg! Seems I got your item" you said, smiling. Although her full name was Marguerite Williams, you had always called her by her shorter nickname. After all, the two of you had been friends since you were kids.

It took you a while to realize she was hiding in the corner of the room, near invisible with how little attention she drew to herself. She even had her pet bear Kumarie with her, not that you expected anything else. She seemed to take that bear everywhere. Meg jumped slightly when you walked towards her, holding onto Kumarie nervously. "Oh. H-hey _____..." she mumbled shyly. Even if you two had known each other for a while, she still always seemed to be so shy around you.

Who?” Emily asked from across the room, finally seeming to notice you weren’t still standing next to her. Shrugging she came over and grabbed both your arms, dragging the two of you towards the closet “Well, try to do something other than stand awkwardly next to each other, yeah?” she commented, casually throwing you inside. You could hear her shutting and locking the door with a solid ‘click’ after you.

Stumbling inside you accidentally tripped on some unseen pile of Emily’s clothes, letting out a quiet yelp as you tumbled into the wall. “Ouch.." you breathed, rubbing your head where you hit it. You could feel something soft and somewhat squishy beneath you.

"__-_____..." your eyes widened at Meg's voice, a faint blush spreading over your face. Apparently those weren't clothes underneath you. 'W-wait, then that means... I'm </i>laying on her?' you thought. However, instead of feeling a rush of embarrassment that you knew you should have, you felt a mischievous grin spread over your lips. Well, you did get locked in here to play the game didn't you

"U-um... _____?" Meg asked hesitantly. She couldn't see anything through the darkness, but began to squirm nervously at the feeling of your gaze. Something about you seemed to be giving off a weird vibe- Meg let out a loud squeak as your hands run up her sides, body hovering over hers as you moved more to a sitting position, a knee placed on either side of her.

Your fingers played with the edge of her shirt, cold hands sliding over her warm skin. Blushing furiously now the quiet Canadian tried to object and push away your hands, only to be quieted by your lips on hers. She pushed her hands against your chest, fingers gathering the material of your shirt as she curled them into fists. Despite her complaints she wasn’t resisting your actions as much as you thought she would. If anything, you could have sworn she was pulling you closer.

Smirking slightly, you closed the space in between you two. The usually shy Canadian's only response being a firm tug at your tie and collar, biting the bottom of your lip demandingly. Roughly dragging your tongue along her jaw you began to pull off her shirt, making her shiver at the touch of your icy fingers.

"_____..." Meg whispered, sounding even more breathless than usual. One of her hands slid to your waist, tugging at your belt. "Take it off..."

Your eyes widened slightly. 'Did I heard that right-?' Your thoughts were interrupted by a harsh kiss, her tongue forcing its way into your mouth, taking advantage of your surprise. You felt Meg weave her fingers into your hair, one hand still at the hem of your pants. Pushing her to the floor you grabbed both her hands and held them above her head, pinning her underneath you, still panting slightly after the brief lack of air. "Eager, are we?" you asked cockily. Leaning forward you smiled and whispered "We only have seven minutes, but that'll be double the time I'll need to make you scream."

Tugging off her shirt you quickly unhooked her bra, throwing the items to some unknown part of the closet. You didn't bother to notice where your clothes went, only that the annoying articles were removed. By now you were only in your pants, Meg all but naked except for her underwear. Her nails dug into your back as you massaged the tender mounds of flesh on her chest, your mouth trailing warm bites down her neck "__-____..." she was unable to bite back a moan as your mouth moved lower, hands sliding down to play with the edge of her underwear. You could hear cat-calls from outside as she moaned louder, ignoring them as you rubbed against the dampening cloth.

Meg squirmed under your touch, reaching out and jerking your head up to meet hers, heat radiating from more than just her face. You were about to say something when you felt one of her hands travel from your back to your inner thigh, her palm caressing the growing bulge in your pants. "__-_____" she panted against your lips, tightening her fingers around you purposefully.

She started to mess with the zipper on your pants, pulling them off with some help on your part. You took her lips prisoner once more, getting rid of the last of the material in your way. Placing your hands on her hips you slowly entered her warm folds, groaning as her tight muscles clenched around your pulsing member. You paused a moment to make sure you weren't hurting her, giving an experimental buck of your hips to see how she would react. Meg's hands found their way to your neck, her legs wrapping tightly against your waist. She was panting heavily, her only coherent word being a demanding "M-move."

Just from the past few minutes you had been in this closet you had started to doubt your previous thoughts about the Canadian girl in front of you. Even if it was only with you... Shy wasn't shy at all.

Through the door you could hear a 'subtle' change in the music playing, its volume turned up until you couldn't hear anything but the pounding of the beat. You could already guess that someone more able to read the atmosphere- or notice the sounds coming from inside the closet- had finally explained what was happening to Emily. Or distracted her before she suddenly burst in on you.

You smiled and leaned forward to speak into Meg's ear, talking loud enough that only she would be able to hear you, moving almost teasingly inside her as you spoke "You know, I think we just got all the time in the world~"

----- Small Time skip -----

"Hey, that reminds me.. Where is Kumarie? Didn't you have her with you when we went into the closet, Meg?" you asked, now fully dressed and snuggling up to Meg on a couch in Emily's living room.

"Who? Oh yeah! She ran away just before Emily locked us in there, apparently she didn't want to be there for... Well... You know." she blushed as she said- well, mumbled- it, looking at the ground shyly. Apparently she was only that confident when no one else was around- or when it involved less clothing. Reaching forward you tilted her face up to look at yours, grinning cheekily "Yeah, I do know~"
Here is the Fem!Canada you guys were requesting! Bet you weren't expecting the first lemon to be with this quiet character now were you? :iconkiralaughplz:
Sorry for totally failing at a lemon... First time ever really typing one. And yes, I like making the reader the more dominant character in my stories.
And as of now you belong to Fem!Canada :iconfemalecanadaplz:

Intro: [link]
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