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You thrust your hand into the hat and pulled something out at random, not really caring who you got. You noticed the object was soft and squishy, carefully holding it up to inspect it closer; it was a small yellow bird plushie. It reminded you of someone, but you weren’t quite sure who…

“Who’s is this?” you ask, holding it up for everyone to see. Suddenly you felt something crash into you from behind, nearly knocking you flat on the floor “That would belong to the awesome me!” said a confident voice right next to you, a hand appearing and taking the small plushie in one swift movement.

You didn’t have to look behind you to know the Prussian behind you was Maria Beilschmidt, her snowy blonde hair brushing against your shirt as she snuggled up against your back. You smiled nervously as she snagged one of your arms and began dragging you into the closet, waving her ‘gilibird’ plushie about victoriously “try not to get too carried away in there!” Emily called, shaking her head as she closed the door behind you.

With a sharp ‘click’ you were locked inside.

You stared into the darkness, unable to make out much as your eyes adjusted to the dimmer lighting of the small space. Turning, you met with a pair of bright lavender eyes, the female albino’s hand moving towards your chest.

“Are you ready to have some fun, _____?” warm breath brushed against your jaw, her lips grazing against your ear. You froze, silently grateful that she wouldn’t be able to see your blush in the dark, stiffening slightly at her sudden move. Sure she was known as one of the Bad Touch Trio, but it still surprised you when she came out of nowhere.

Then again, you didn’t get dragged into this game for nothing…

You were snapped out of your thoughts as she reached out and grabbed your tie, pulling you down so that your lips crashed into hers, causing you to lean forward until she was pinned against the wall. Your eyes widened in surprise, Maria grinning and taking the chance to slide her tongue into your mouth. The force behind her actions and her forwardness sending shivers throughout your body. Slender hands ghosted over your skin as she draped her arms around your neck, murmuring something you couldn’t hear.

“What?” you asked, panting as you pulled away. She smiled cockily and repeated what she had said before, leaning her face closer to yours “_____... Do you like me?” you stared at her for a moment before looking to the side, the heat coming off of you giving away your flushed face "If I didn't then I wouldn't be doing this, now would I?" to be honest, you had had a crush on the crazy Prussian every since the first day you laid eyes on her. Only keeping quiet for fear of her totally rejecting you.

"Glad to hear it, because after this I don't think I could stand letting you be with anyone else"

Surprised you turned to look at her, a smile slowly creeping its way onto your face. You were about to say something more- or more accurately do something more- when the door burst open, the light flooding in momentarily blinding you.

"Seven minutes are up! Out you go!" Emily announced suddenly, making shooing motions with her hands.

Guess you would have to finish this some other time...
I actually did it in a short period of time~! :icondancingrussiaplz:
.. I'm so tired. I'm going to bed now...

Intro: [link]
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athrunzala234 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016
god damn Amelia can me and my new girlfriend soon to be wife get some alone time good story btw
LordEli218 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016  New Deviant Student Writer
paokarax Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015  Student Writer
So i had this song playing while reading this...gotta say it fits pretty wellFnafFan2000 Xmas icon  (Freddy Krueger)…
Wingweeper Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015
"Well now Maria~"

"Let's go to my house to play our awesome game now, ja?"

Lost-Physics Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015
Does that mean she thinks I'm awesome? But not as awesome as her (obviously)
lennlandry Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
WHY EMILY??? Angry Goldie 
my thoughts on teh story: Prussia  its Awsome Pixel 
CHEIFACHU Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
Prussian-Birb-Lord Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
OMG DANCING CHIBI RUSSIA FTW Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1][EXO] Xiumin Emoticon   Jordan Emoticon 
thehetalian17 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014
Damn it Emily!!!
Lightspartan Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
Help I'm being dragged
ArtistGamerMage Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
TheLovelyVocal Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
... Now I see why MetaGiga likes these... e//////e
wolfifi Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh baby. Unf. eue
The-German-States Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
dajdnalhflashglerögjvnefhögferiosfgberif :iconmanryplz::iconovariesplz:
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