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December 31, 2012
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You could see the occasional firework going off beyond your window from where you stood staring at yourself in the mirror, trying to figure out what you were going to wear to your friend's New Year party. Colorful explosions of light splattered the night sky in dancing waves of reds, blues, and numerous other colors before blinking out again into clouds of smoke; you had always loved all the bright lights and fireworks on New Year's. You glanced at your closet again, riffling through it before pulling out a few things and throwing them onto your bed "This should do it…" you mumble, trying your chosen outfit on. Adjusting your shirt you looked at what you had decided on, running a brush through your (h/l) (h/c) hair as you put it in its usual style. You were wearing a black dress shirt with a red tie, dark grey pants, and dark red converse. What could you say? Guy's style of clothing just suited you better. That and it was much more comfortable. No skinny jeans or high heels for you to bother with tonight. Satisfied with your outfit you made your way outside, deciding to just walk to the party with how close it was. Besides, it was a nice night and you could do with a little fresh air.

~Small Time Skip~

"____, you're finally here!" your friend Alfred Jones greeted you before you even had a chance to knock on the door, a wide smile plastered onto his face "Of course! I wouldn't miss it!" you replied. He always seemed so happy and energetic, it was one of the reasons you had found him so easy to get along with. Stepping inside you quickly noticed that Francis, Ludwig, and Gilbert were already there, although with how much noise everyone was making you could tell that there were more people just out of view. Suddenly shouts rose up from the kitchen, most sounding something like "Arthur! Don't you dare! You're going to burn the house down!" Giggling you made sure to keep a safe enough distance away as a food fight broke out, a tomato flying out from the doorway. One of the Vargas brothers must have been in there.

"Alright guys, let's get this party started!" Alfred shouted from the living room, startling you. When had he walked past you? Shrugging it off you walked over and claimed a spot on the couch, watching as he took something out and held it up for everyone to see "And to kick off the New Year…" he started, slowing holding up a large hat "Let's play a little game of 'Seven Minutes in Heaven'!"

You didn't even have to look around to know that all eyes instantly fixed on you, leaving to glare at your American friend's sly grin while silently grateful that you hadn't worn anything tight or short for his party "You've got to be kidding me…"
Edit: screw my original idea, I'm making a Seven Minutes In Heaven. xD

Also, I'm doing a Fem!Hetalia version of this too for male readers and ect. Check it out here: [link]
As always, please leave a comment!

England: [link]
Northern Italy:
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mlp-lover910 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I would friggin KILL FOR A FRANCE ONE! though I will kill u if u make reader Chan hate him, or make him a perv and nothing else. Love uuuuuuuu
Mistress-Of-Monsters Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well if you saw that.... Tee hee hee hee... ;D
mlp-lover910 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
France is so kawaii.
marioiscool845 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
can you do the Russia one please? :)
Mistress-Of-Monsters Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll get to it, but I have a whole list to go through first. It's going to take a while.
LavonaV Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
Couldu make romanos and switzerlands please..?
Mistress-Of-Monsters Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I've added it to my list! :D
LavonaV Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
Ok thnk you!!
Meg-Williams Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
More? Also can you try making a Romano one :3 (( my bday is coming up yay~~ imma read more of your stories then :3))
MintTheKitty Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
needs to reed all of dem or i will die eAo
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